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About us


Where we get our stories?


Students choose their own story topics. Stories topics can range from school to international and vary depending upon the day and the news of the day. All story topics must be approved by the student's advisor and are proofread before posting. Have a tip? Submit it to us at the bottom of the page.

Who writes our stories?

 Students in our Advanced Communication Technology, Advanced Journalism, Journalism, and Communication Technology courses create the stories, columns, videos, and podcasts for the site. Students rotate throughout the year producing a variety of pieces for posting on the web. 

How do you join the class?

Please see your counselor to sign up for the class. If you are interested please look at our website and contact the advisor below:

Communication Technology                  Advisor: Bri Brooks 
Journalism                                                     Advisor: Bri Brooks 
Advanced Journalism/The Ravine        Advisor: Bri Brooks 
Advanced Comm Tech/WKHS News    Advisor: Bri Brooks 

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