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Domo Sushi Kitchen Review

The Short North, in downtown Columbus, has become a hub for many new and emerging restaurants; Domo Sushi Kitchen and Bar is no exception. My grandma and I recently braved the notorious weekend downtown traffic to experience their fresh crafted sushi for ourselves.

Upon entering the nondescript restaurant after almost walking past it, we were eagerly attended to and seated right away. The welcoming interior embraced a modern look, with flowers and vines adorning the brick walls and hanging lights. A pair of charming fish lamps oversaw the establishment from their position above the bar. They can be seen above.

Our meal was also observed by a trio of slightly disgruntled frogs, who provided a laugh for us every time we glanced up at them, which are pictured at left.

Deciding to air on the side of caution, as neither of us are certified sushi experts, my grandma and I ordered the Philadelphia roll ($11) and the shrimp tempura roll ($12). Domo promises to use locally sourced and sustainable ingredients, which was clear as we watched our food be prepared. Each dish came with 8 of the rolls, which we split in half, each of us taking 4 of each.

The interior of the restaurant can be seen above, highlighting the unique decor.

The Philadelphia roll consisted of smoked salmon, avocado, and cream cheese, perfectly encapsulated in seaweed and rice. The shrimp tempura roll contained shrimp tempura, avocado, and a kabayaki (soy-sauce based glaze) sauce. Both rolls had well proportioned ingredients, with satisfying blends of textures and flavors in each. The portions of each were perfect for a filling meal but didn’t feel overly heavy. While we didn’t order any appetizers, the ones offered on the menu look delicious, so I’d recommend trying some.

Initially, I had been skeptical about both dishes and the journey as a whole; I am lightyears away from what one would call a seafood connoisseur. Luckily, both rolls that we had were not overwhelmingly fishy and had components that distracted from the seafood pieces, such as the cream cheese and avocado. Both the atmosphere and foods at Domo Sushi Kitchen were welcoming and worth making the journey there. Domo is an excellent restaurant for both seasoned sushi experts and those looking to dive into the cuisine. Overall a 4 star dining experience!

Guests can have a seat at the counter which is pictured above.


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