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  • Maddie Mills

Sunny Street Cafe Fall Menu

Sunny street cafe has fallen into the fall frenzy with cozy new breakfast options! The menu consists of promising seasonal pumpkin pancakes, the pumpkin breakfast combo, pumpkin cream cold brew, and lastly the new pumpkin brown sugar muffin. These warm fall flavors are bursting with cinnamon sugar and zesty pumpkin spice! We had a visit with one of the managers, Jessie, to tell us more about these exciting new additions to the menu.

Sunny Street Cafe's Fall menu is pictured above.

The cafe's Pumpkin Brown Sugar Muffin can be seen.

Our new fall menu is super fun for us because it brings in so much business! The autumn flavors really set the tone for the new season. We have many orders of the pumpkin pancakes which are constantly giving off a sweet, cinnamon aroma that fills the cafe and brings smiles to everyone's faces. My favorite addition to the menu is the pumpkin cream cold brew because of the refreshing spice mixed with a soft vanilla that just makes you wanna wake up in the morning! We really hope we have more people stop in and stay for the fall menu.

This menu adds to the overall experience of the fall season and really highlights what Sunny Street Cafe is all about, which is warmth and familiarity. We hope you can stop by for the new fall flavors!


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