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Wolf of the Week: Braylon Harper

This week we are highlighting Braylon Harper as Wolf of the Week. Braylon is a sophomore here at WKHS who is currently starting at QB1 for the Wolves’ Varsity Football Team. At the Homecoming football game this past Friday, Braylon was able to earn our team their first home-field touchdown of the season.

Braylon has been involved in football for most of his life. He shares, “I have been playing some form of football since I was six. I started in flag [football] but then went to tackle.” He also told us, “I have played quarterback most of my time involved in football, but last year I actually played a different position.”

Braylon is pictured with teammate Carter and Coach Marshall.

This year, Braylon’s training has changed in nature twice, first from training for running back to quarterback, and then from JV level training to Varsity level training. This means Braylon has had to learn how to grow and adapt quickly. He explains he “practice[s] with the varsity guys, with the number ones. Other than that, it’s about the same. There’s a huge coaching staff, and it’s a really great environment. It’s definitely different with Varisty, but honestly I just try to let my love for the sport drive me in practice. My effort hasn't changed much between JV and Varsity because I am always aiming to do my best wherever I am playing.”

While Braylon is nervous, as one would expect, his emotions of excitement are overpowering all the other one. Most of all, Braylon loves to “play on a bigger stage. With more fans it’s much bigger and faster.”

As a sophomore, Braylon did not see playing QB1 anywhere is in his near future, so when he got to call that he would be going out as QB1, Braylon tells us that he “didn’t believe it.” He shares, “I talked to Cam after the game when he got hurt and he said he would be fine so I thought that they were just [messing with me], but I guess not. It took me actually seeing Cam and going to practice the next day and then everything sort of started to feel real.”

Through everything, Braylon’s biggest supporter is his Dad, and when we asked him who helped get here today, he told us “My dad definitely. He has just always pushed me to be better and he has always been someone who pushes me along when I need it most.” He left with a piece of advice to athletes at Kilbourne, “In whatever sports you do, try your hardest. Half of success comes from the heart, so if you focus on your goals they will be achievable.” We wish good luck to Braylon for the rest of his season! Go Wolves!


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