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New Teachers at Kilbourne

The Worthington school district has been rapidly expanding, with 1600 students attending Worthington Kilbourne High School this year. To accommodate the growing student body, WKHS has been hiring new teachers such as Mrs. Pecikonis, and moving teachers to Kilbourne permanently, like Madame Hill. Both have worked in other schools before Kilbourne, and have become a part of the wolf pack this school year.

Mrs. Pecikonis is pictured above.

Mrs. Pecikonis is a new math teacher at WKHS, teaching Honors Math 2 and Financial Algebra. Mrs. Pecikonis grew up in Pennsylvania, and got her Undergraduate degree from Xavier University. She then started teaching at Sycamore junior high and Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio while she worked on her Masters degree at Miami University. Mrs. Pecikonis then worked in New Albany Schools for three years. After buying a house in Worthington with her husband, she decided to apply to various places in Worthington and landed a job here! Mrs. Pecikonis was so interested in Worthington schools because she had a close friend who worked in the district and had great things to say about the students and staff, as well as loving the Worthington community. She plans on remaining a math teacher for the foreseeable future, believing that she would miss being in the classroom with kids too much to ever give it up. If you would like to say hi, you can find her in room 229.

Madame or Mrs. Hill is the new French teacher, and has been teaching for twelve years, all of which have been in Worthington. She graduated from high school in Fairbanks, Ohio, and went on to The Ohio State University to get her Bachelor's degree in French. Madame White then continued at OSU to get her Master’s degree in Foreign Language education. She has been teaching first period French at Kilbourne for 8 years, and would then drive to Kilbourne Middle school to teach French 1A and 1B. However, this year she became the primary French teacher at WKHS after the previous primary French teacher Madame White retired. Madame Hill had done her student teaching in Columbus City schools and had intended on finding a job there, but they were not hiring, so she interviewed for a position at Worthington. After Madame Hill was hired, she found out that Madame White’s best friend was Madame Hill’s French teacher! Madame Hill plans on staying a French teacher and building up a new French program while connecting with all her students each year. If you would like to meet her, you can find her in room 242.

Madame Hill's room, 242, is pictured at right.

Along with Mrs. Pecikonis and Madame Hill, there are many new staff members to welcome, such as Mr. Marshall, an intervention specialist, Mrs. Himmel, a guidance counselor, Mr. Martin, a math teacher, and Mrs. Rhoades, a social studies assistant in 209. There are several others not listed, but be sure to give everyone a warm welcome to Kilbourne and any new staff members in the coming years!

In order from left to right: Mrs. Himmel, Mrs. Hoffman, and Mrs. Rhoades


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