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Skyline Chili Relocated

Skyline Chili, a franchise restaurant existing in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Florida, used to sit right down the road from Kilbourne. The company has now relocated to Sawmill Parkway, just in front of Target. Owner Scott Redwine explains details of the moving process and the reasoning behind the need for a new location.

Redwine has been involved with Skyline Chili in various positions for 33 years. He has held positions for corporate, selling franchises, and opened the old location in Sawmill Square 15 years ago, making him an experienced owner. At said location, Redwine achieved moderate success, but there was room for improvement, which was especially revealed during the covid outbreak in 2020. Redwine explains that “when Covid hit, it became evident that we needed a drive-through when we weren’t allowed to have customers inside the building.” Many businesses struggled tremendously during the virus outbreak, but restaurants without drive-throughs were particularly targeted because customers were not able to come into restaurants since business was strictly carry-out orders at the time.

Pictured at left is the steamtable, where the staff makes the food.

Elaborating on the necessity of having a drive-through, Redwine states that the business “need[ed] a drive-through for future success to create revenue so that we can do health insurance and offer 401k benefits.” He explains further on his value of providing for his employees, discussing Skyline’s core values, which in Redwine’s words are “selflessness, going the extra mile, making sure each employee feels blessed, and that the customer feels well taken care because of our great culture here”

A few other changes made during the move from one building to another include “a free standing unit, the store’s own parking lot, landscaping, and new decor that has been updated since the last time we decorated 15 years ago.” There is evident change between the interiors of the two buildings, as the new one follows a more modern style of decor and design. The building now follows the pattern of many new Skyline buildings, displaying the upgraded blue and gray color scheme.

The staple Skyline Chili clock can be seen at right.

Through all of the highs and lows that come along with running a business, Redwine can still confidently say that his favorite parts of working at Skyline are “the people he gets to work with and getting to know customers that have been coming into Skyline for years.” He confidently says he knows 3-4 hundred customers by first name, perfectly exemplifying Skyline time hospitality. He stresses the importance of consistently delivering “Skyline time hospitality”, meaning that the guest always feels at home and the employees are displaying guest readiness at all times. This attitude is a staple across all Skyline locations and remains the same, even in a new building.

When asked what he hopes customers are aware of, Redwine states that “we are a small business, that we employ people, and we want to serve great products as an ambassador of Skyline.” Being an advocate of a franchise is a responsibility that is understood by Redwine and staff.

Redwine finishes by sharing his favorite orders, being either a 4-way onion, a cheese coney with no onion and heavy mustard, or a chili burrito. Make sure to stop by to try one of Redwine’s favorite orders, come see the upgraded building, or take a trip through the brand new drive-through. The new location of Skyline Chili is at 10572 Sawmill Parkway, Powell, OH 43065.

See video above for additional information


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